About Us

Welcome Alive Comm visitor! Thanks for your interest; we’re glad you’re here. Please wander through our services and surf through our featured work.

For over ten years, our mission has been:


"To know you, our customer… your product, your culture, your focus, your mission, and to help you achieve optimum performance, productivity and profit."

We believe if a picture can speak a thousand words, a video can speak volumes.


We are a full service media production company – but we’re more than that. We help you accentuate your key strategic message with all the emotion and emphasis possible… we call it the Alive Principle, and it produces transformational results.


We have a great studio location, big enough for 20-foot living room sets or cars, as well as a green screen infinity sweep, and high-end table-top photography capabilities. Along with a full kitchen, actors changing/make-up rooms, our clients find it has a great balance of comfort, convenience and utility.


We know that business means profit. Alive Comm offers a balance of competitively priced, high quality services, with a personal attention to your needs.


We have over 20 years of professional experience bringing clients’ messages to life. Let us show you how to utilize today’s rapidly changing technologies to maximize your communication dollars.